Microservices Architecture

2 min readMay 29, 2023

Do you ever hear about Microservices Architecture ? In Microservices architecture an Application splits into several components and process as different small services. These services act as a one single application by communicating with each other.

When talking about microservices architecture there is another word comes to my mind it is Monolithic Applications. In Monolithic Applications every process works by depending on each other. Which means it is tightly coupled and it is not a good sign. Imagine one process fails other depending process are also fails. An new concept needed to fix this issue.

This is where Microservices architecture comes to the picture. In this case process working independent to each other (loosely coupled) . Imagine one service (component) busy or failed to run. Other services still able to serve clients without waiting for the remained service, they just add the request in a queue and continue their services. In this kind of situations, we can use auto load balancing with scaling mechanism as well. If one component cannot handle many requests at time we can run another component and using load balancer, we can share request among scaled components. Most of the time these small components are containerized (docker) and managed using container management tools (kubernetes). Rather than having microservices architecture we can have many advantages.

Advantages of having microservices

· Resilience
one component fails other components still going on.

· Reusability
same component can be used within other application or same application again and again.

· Flexibility of scaling
Components can be scaled independently. Increases high availability when demand is higher.

· CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery)
Easier to build , test deploy and maintain , can be use different languages , technologies, or frameworks.

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