Why Kubernetes ?

2 min readAug 2, 2023

Kubernetes is container orchestration platform. Simply a container management tool . But why we need to manage containers ? I found five main reasons for orchestrating containers.

There are many container orchestration tools in the industry . Kubernetes and Docker swarm is one of them . But Kubernetes is the most popular one . Because it has more industry standards , flexibility , extensibility , self-healing and auto scaling than docker swarm . Because of that Kubernetes has more community support as well.

  1. Single Host

Let’s begin with single host issue in containers . As we know once we run multiple containers on one host (node) . At one-point containers will be exited due to lack of resources . By default, containers rely on the host. Managing multiple hosts with containers is not easy . Master-node architecture in Kubernetes fixed this issue in the containers.

2. Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling is another feature in Kubernetes . Larger organizations adapting to microservices architecture for better performance. Scaling thousands of containers manually is not easy. And we need to monitor the demand (load) on each services continuously .Using Kubernetes we can place auto scaling feature on our microservices architecture.

3. Auto Healing

Auto Healing means due to various issues containers can be malfunctioned at some situations . Without containers we need to monitor each container manually , Once we found errors in containers we need to restart containers manually as well. So there is high probability that customers find errors before us. Kubernetes can make auto scaling possible by using kube — scheduler and controller manager in Kubernetes .

4. Simplicity

Containers doesn’t support Firewalls, auto scales , Api gateways and many other enterprises level supports . Kubernetes offer ways to include these features to our containers in simple manner.

5. Cost management

At the end what organizations need is better performance in their products with less cost . That ‘ s what Kubernetes is used for in production environments . Need less monitoring and Auto scaling allows optimize resources on the cloud and scale up and down on the demand . Which means low cost and high speed and performance.

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